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What we offer, to have better cognition (understanding) at all ages. From preschool to corporate, from government departments to private institutions.
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About Cognition Now

Cognition Now endeavors to bring India at par with the developed world in education methods and technology
Let's Think Change, Betterment, Excellence!

Change is the only constant and everything about how we learn about this change is also changing. Education is constantly changing. Are we in tune with the best in the world?

Cognition Now is passionate about education, technology and science. We are constantly looking around the world for the newest innovations. We then try and bring these innivations to our country or tie uo with other Indian technology developers to bring the best to you.

The above offerings cover every age of learner, from toddlers to senior corporate managers. Feel free to ask for more.

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  • SciBotics

  • EduTech

  • BizTech


Cognition Now Core Team, supported by a great bunch

Prashant Dobriyal

Created the vision for Cognition Now. Passionate about technology and learning tools.

Megha Dobriyal

The creative mind behind preschool education. Passionate about working with kids and researching on kids activities and tools.